Da Funk@One Starry Night

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Da Funk Interview & Mix On musicforever.org

A very down-to-earth guy from Switzerland who's always in good mood!
Yes, thats Da Funk!
He is a typical music junkie, a man far from being troubled and worried, something that you can easily find out from the interview.
Of course when you are doing what you really love not because of financial reasons but for the sake of fullfilling your lifelong passion
then you have the opportunity to diffuse something very positive.
Well, Da Funk does take that opportunity but let's get started! Check it out for yourselves from the interview!
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Acryl Music now available on iTunes!

Acryl Music presents: In The Night Vol. 1 mixed & compiled by Da Funk

Right in time with the 20th release, Acryl Music comes up with it's first compilation.
Da Funk compiled and mixed the very best tunes, wich established Acryl Music in the market.
"In The Night Vol.1" takes you on a journey into the deep, driving side of house music, fully loaded with melodies, harmonies and hip shaking grooves.

1) Da Funk-Sugarman
2) Da Funk-Confusion (C&M Productions Mix)
3) Da Funk-Everything Changes
4) Da Funk-Her Digits
5) Da Funk-Heat
6) Da Funk-Catch The Wave
7) Da Funk-Back Yard
8) Da Funk-Strict Rulin'
9) Da Funk-Devotion (Replika's Up To End)
10) Da Funk-Devotion
11) Da Funk-Dig Dis

now available for only $ 9:99 on Stompy!