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Sunner Soul-The Circles out now!

Acryl 30! Time for some serious deepness from russia’s Alexander Chebankov aka Sunner Soul. With releases on labels such as Stadtgrün, System and Deep Xperience he’s definitely one to watch out for! The Circles has that endless groove you can’t stop to listen to.

In fact we’ve sigend this right away on the very same day we’ve been sent the demo!
Remxies coming from Tina Valen (Open Bar, Elevation, Young Society) and Raf & BarBQ (Buzzin’ Fly, Outisde The Box, Night Drive) with two beautiful pieces of deep house. Don’t sleep!

Promo Reactions:

"Nice straight up deep housers......ta"
Moodymanc (Dessous, Tsuba, 20:20 Vision)

"Very nice. Beautiful deepness."
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Deepology)

"Great release! Original is my favourite. Will play it for sure."
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript Records)

"It is the excellent release from our fellow countryman, in Siberia is a lot of talents;). All three tracks very beautiful and perfectly sound. I wish to allocate Raf and BarBQ remix, guys from St.Petersburg have made a great remix."
Kostya (Acos CoolKAs)

"Thanks for this, Bar-bq mix is lovely. Super sweet vibe"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie, Grouper)

"Thanks for the Promo. My pick of the bunch is the Raf And BarBq Remix, will fit into my set nicely. Like the oldskool vibe throughout!!"
K-Bana (Guess, Ready Mix, Deepology)

"Nice deep EP, all 3 tracks are great, will play !!!
Thanks for sending"
Soul Minority (Kolour, Pack Up And Dance, Elevation)

"Really beautiful and organic sounds in here - my compliments to everybody involved. Will be spinnin' during early hours!"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm, Neurotraxx)

"Absolutely LOVING this release!Real deep house groover you got here.Our Favorites are Original Mix and Tina Valen Mix, amaizing release all together!Will be played. Full support coming from us.Thanx a lot for sending:)"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, Night Drive Music, Plastic City)

thanks guys, the original is nice!"
Atjazz (Mantis, Innervisions, Diy Discs)

"All Mixes are cool on this release but the pick for me is Tina Valen Remix.... Nice Work As Always..... 8/10"
Cenzo Scoglio (MidiDropMusic, Guess, Sophisticated)

"thank's for this release...
Tina Valen & Raf/BarBQ Remix are by far the stand out tracks for me here... will use it"
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House, Ibiza Global Radio)

"Very soulful release, with all the fatness and the deepness needed for a happy dancefloor"
Ocean Gaya (Plastic City)

"Nice one! Elegant deep, smooth and athmospheric.
Favourite track - Sunner Soul ( original )Full support!"
Alex V (Spohisticate Recordings, Extremely House Music)

"Gorgeous release you guys, deep, techy and with keys to die for. Raf &
Barbq cut for me. Will play a lot - Congratulations"
Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio, iDJ Magazine)

"nice deep stuff, specially the original mix."
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Sonica, Pure Salinas, Atzaro)

"Like original and the tina valen mix the best. very well produced and f****** deep. thanks"
Andy Bach (Young Society Recordings, Zaubermilch, Society 3.0)

"All 3 tracks very good thanks!"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box, Proton Radio)

"hi mate thanks for sending the promo,
i prefer the original version out of these"
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation, Farmhaus)

"thanks so much for the deep great sounds
like raf & barbq rmx except the string riff but we can handle it :) good stuff anyway as well as the original mix. our full support of course thanks once again"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records)

"Many thanks for the promo. Really nice release, will play all the mixes......Good Stuff!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Beautiful deep house,All the tracks are really good! Loving the whole release,Great work as always,full support!!! "
Bobi (Club FM)

"Original & Tina Valen Mix are great....deep athmosphere....love this records"
Manou De Jean (Zaubermilch Records, Young Society, Great Stuff)

"Very smart grooves as usual here, the pick for me is the Raf & BarBQ mix, love the slightly more mellow strings on there, really stands out for me"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

"Original Mix is great!! Full Spiritchaser support!"
Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, Spiritchaser, Guess)

"hello, thanks for the promo! nice package, the original sounds really
nice but our pick will be the Raf & BarBQ Remix!"
Latenta Project (Proton, Plastic City, Witty Tunes)

"3 well produced tunes. Like them a lot and see me playing the original! Full support!"
Andre Kronert (Neurotron, Night Drive Music, 616 Detroit)

"Thanx for the promo great pack with some great remixes....I prefer most Original & Barbq's!"
Nestora (Disclosure Project, Support House, Acryl Music)

"very solid and deep pkg... espcially diggin Tina Valen's and Raf&BarBQ's take on the original! once again, full support for another Acryl release... keep um coming!"
Kenny Gino (Solid Gold Playaz, Mind Influence Music)

"Raf & BarBQ Remix BEST MIX FOR ME!"
Francesco Farfa (Ibiza Sonica)

"nice productions, the original is probably the most playable"
Harold Heath (Urban Torque, Plastic City, Lost My Dog)

"Thanks a lot for the promo!
This release is so beautiful! It's difficult to choose the fav.
Really like original for the deep vibes in it.
Tina Valen remix gets sweet baseline! It will work for sure.
And wanna mention remix from our neighbours Raf & BarBQ as the tune, that represents Saint-Petersburg's deep. Amazing release!
Count us in the support."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Like Tina Valen's version! Deep mood, accurate beat, nice for shaking heads bar-nights :)"
Timo Camillo (Acryl Music)

"The Circles is Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Fine House-tunes like ever!Will Play"
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

Out now on beatport.com!