Lonya-Bauhouse E.P. out now!

Acryl 045 Music brings the Bauhouse E.P. from Israeli Lonya Koval (Asymmetric, Elevation, Bpitch Control). The two Tracker convinces with Tech House at it's very best. "Bauhouse" is driven by old school Drums, rattling percussions and a bubbling bassline. The short played piano-stab and wisely set vocal fragments leads the track into a heady trip.
"Milking The Sadness Away", produced with fellow countrymen Roi Okev, relies on a distinctive Clap and discreetly whispering voices. The catchy hook line, mixed up with the mumbling bass line and hypnotic bells rounds up the track to a perfect tool for the after hours.

Acryl Music 045 bringt die Bauhouse E.P. des Israelis Lonya Koval (Asymmetric, Elevation, Bpitch Control). Der Zweitracker überzeugt dabei mit rohem Tech House der besten Sorte. „Bauhouse“ wird vorangetrieben durch oldschoolige Drumms, rasselnde Percussions und einer blubbernden Bassline. Das so genannte I-Pünktchen setzt Lonya aber mit kurz angespielten, wirren Piano-Stabs und klug gesetzten Vocal-Fragmenten und schafft so ein Tech House-Track, der sich über den klöppelnden Beat immer weiter zu einem (be)rauschenden Klangkonstrukt entwickelt.
„Milking The Sadness Away“, produziert mit Roi Okev, setzt auf einen markanten Clap und dezent im Hintergrund flüsternde Stimmen. Die eingängige Mini-Hookline zusammen mit der grummelnden Bassline und hypnotischen Glöckchen runden den Track zu einem perfekten Einsatztool für späte und noch spätere Stunden ab.

Release Date:
25.03.2011 (Beatport exclusive)
08.04.2011 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"love both mixes"
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Milking the sadness away  is cool "
Chaim (Bpitch Control, Be As One, Circle)

nice ep. 'bauhouse' for me."
Rodriguez Jr. (Systematic, Mobilee, Giant Wheel)

"Milking The Sadness Away for us"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, iRecords, Plastic City)

"will try the 2nd track shame theres no dub with only the first part will make an edit"
Franck Roger (Real Tone, Planet E, Straight Up)

"Not quite for my sets, but I do really like the exotic sound of "Milking The Sadness Away" ... nice one"
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eight Dimension, Nrk, Astralwerks)

"milking the sadness away for me, to start a night"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Plastic City, Discoteca)

"Some serious energetic Bauhouse cut!!
But I'm more into the deep moments "Milking The Sadness Away" has to offer. Nice one!!"
Alvaro Hylander (iRecords, DeepWit, Acryl Music)

"Both of them are nice deep house cuts, simple movement in their melodic content but still grooving."
Paul Jones (The Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, 2600)

"Bauhouse is great will play. Nice going."
JP Philippe (The Disclosure Project)

"really like the percussion on "milking the sadness away"
Matty Gillespie (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Rhythm Music)

"love the slightly dubby feel of Bauhouse & will play, but Milking the Sadness Away is tops for me."
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio, Tempo.atl)

Egostereo (Armada, Parquet, Renaissance)

"Milking The Sadness Away for me"
Qmusse (Loco, Look Ahead, Soulman Music)

"Diggin the Bauhouse groove a lot!"
Marvin Zeyss (In Deep Refords, FM Digital, Night Child)

"Both tracks are working for me"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio, Cimelde)

"Cool !2 very groovy tracks!simple but nice... My support."
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Milking the Sadness away is the pick for me!"
Nestora (DPR, Acryl Music)

"Milking The Sadness Away is a cool slow burner!! Support on this!!"
Sachrias & Aslak (Cromarti, Dutchie, Deepology)

"A bit too minimal for me, but I like the production on milking..."
Giom (Recovery Tech, Lost My Dog, Amenti)

Many thanks for the promo! My favorite is "Milking the sadness away"! Definitely will play!"
Igor Dorohov (Society 3.0, In Deep Records)

"Very good qualitative songs thank you! I love it!"
Suel (Deepology, Deep Nota, Acryl Music)

"Excellent EP!! both tracks are superb!!!"
Audio Junkies (Elevation, Hotfingers, Asymmetric)

"Love The 2nd Track Here... :-)"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Acryl Music)

Nice EP guys. Will be supporting. "
Matt Masters (Freerange, Pacha, Night Drive)

"WOW! full support on this one!!! acryl RRROCKS! thanx"
Nadja Lind (Lucidfow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

"Loving this EP... will play Bauhouse... :)"
Jesus Pablo (Deso, Celestial, Tea Drops Music)

"Milking the Sadness is 4 me"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"milking the sadness away: nice version"
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"Milking the sadness away" for me !! great"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Tokyo Red, Deso)

"Nice one! deep all the way!"
Denz Devarez (Qh Radio)

"Beautifull release ! Bauhouse is my favorite"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, Deep Wit)

"Like both tracks.... The beat is gritty and Raw with that great organ on track 1'track 2 is low key and relaxing.... love the tones"
Eric Furtado (Inhouse)

"Nice pack here !!"
Brian (Deso Records)

"My favourite is track 2, because it is more sensual then track 1"
Olga Flapper (Proton Radio, Pure FM)

"A little tuffer than normal for Acryl but the usual high quality!"
Russell Deeks (iDJ, This Is Why We Dance)

"Quality instrumentation and eastern vibes"
Richie Hartness (Untitledmusic)

"diggin' the smooth and luscious "Milking the sadness away"
Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

"Dope release! Really hard to choose a favourite cut,Love both track,As always quality stuff"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

Out now!

Adham & Hisham Zahran-Triplets (The Remixes) Review

Adham & Hisham Zahran released “Purple Sunday / Triplets” a couple of weeks ago under Acryl Music. The release was so highly-acclaimed that it garnered a remix package for the track “Triplets” dubbed as “Triplets: the Remixes”!

Stepping in for this special release on Acryl Music are Alvaro Hylander, Big Al, and Christoph Kardek!
Read more!

Adham & Hisham Zahran-Triplets (The Remixes) out now!

Additional to the the debut from the egyptian brothers Hisham & Adham Zahran, we're back with 'Triplets' the remixes. Alvaro  Hylander, a dane with spanish roots, injects the already deep original a proper portion of his trademark groove . Swirling pads, snappy percussions and a marching piano stab rounds off the mix brilliantly.
Canadian Big Al flirts the dancefloor with his techy and funky interpretation. Flogging Hi-Hats, distinctive vocal snippets and a majestic synthline leads his remix to it's peak.
Frenchman Christoph Kardek's remix has all it takes for a dreamy journey, perfect for summer sunsets. Warm and reverberant pads, a spanish guitar hook line and lovely, breathy vocals of singer Abdi Riber makes his remix a 10 minute summer dream. A dream you never want to wake up from.

Zum Debüt des ägyptischen Brüderpaars Adham & Hisham Zahran erscheinen nun drei Remixe des Tracks „Triplets“. Alvaro Hylander, ein Däne mit spanischen Wurzeln, verpasst dem schon deepen Original eine gehörige Injektion Groove. Eine wabernde Fläche, schnippende Percussion und ein durchmarschierender Piano-Stab runden den Mix fulminant ab.
Der Kanadier Big Al hängt einer sehr techigen und funkigen Interpretation von House nach und liebäugelt dabei immer mit dem Dancefloor. Eine peitschende Hi-Hat, ein markanter Vocal-Schnippsel und eine majestätische Synthie-Melodie führen den Remix an seinen Höhepunkt.
Verträumt und perfekt für sommerliche Sonnenuntergänge präsentiert sich der Remix des Franzosen Christoph Kardek. Ein sprödes Drummgerüst, eingerahmt durch warme und hallende Flächen, eine spanische Gitarren-Hookline und lieblich gehauchte Vocals des Sängers Abdi Riber machen den Remix zu einem zehnminütigen Sommertraum. Ein Traum aus dem man nie mehr aufwachen will.

Release Date:
04.03.2011 (Beatport exclusive)
18.03.2011 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"thanks will try"
Andy Cato (Groove Armada, Pack Up And Dance)

"All 3 mixes are sounding lush..."
Moodymanc (Tsuba, Dessous, Neurotraxx Deluxe)

"nice deepness on alvaros remix, i'll give it a try this weekend"
Harold Heath (Urban Torque, Lost My Dog, Elevation)

"Cool Stuff! Like It !Good Vibe"
DJ Pippi (Drumpoet, Modern Electrics, Urbana)

"Lovin' it!!Fantastic release!Gonna use it for sure!Alvaro and Big Al are fav's."
The Messenger (Soul Industries, iRecords, Plastic City)

"Three completely different approaches, I like the more sparse Alvaro Hylander remix the best, it feels like it gives the track room to breathe."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Satin Souls, Stir 15)

"I do like Alvaro Hylander remix the most! generaly Good work."
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Liking the Alvaro Hylander remix most here for its crunchy driving attitude."
Paul Jones (The Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, 2600)

Alvaro Hylander and Big Al Remixes for us... thanks!"
UGLH (8Bit, Supernature, Caramella)

"Lovely EP all around, really liking all mixes but Al's stands out for me!"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"very nice remix package...my fave is Big Al's Remix, but the other two are ok as well"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Plastic City, Discoteca)

"Great range of sound... from groove for Alvaro to Soul for Christoph, lovely package !"
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"Alvaro Hylander and Christoph Kardek are for me."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, 2600)

"chilled-out and warm beats. I like!"
Nadja Lind (Lucidfow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

"CK remix sounds lovely!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Witty Tunes, Deepology)

"Really love them stabs in the Alvaro Hylander remix, really nice track"
Matty Gillespie (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Rhythm Music)

"Fuck"ng dope stuff in here - loooove it all! \O/ Feeling it already !!!"
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Ceremony)

"Good stuff, I Like it ;)"
Grant Nelson (Swing City, Defected)

"Alvaro's mix is great warm-up material, loving Big Al's remix, as well the lush tones in Kardek's remix."
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio, Tempo.atl)

"Stunning package. 10/10"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio, Cimelde)

"Some really nice beats in here , Christoph's Kardek is my fav one."
Steve Mill (Urban Torque)

all trax are smooth!"
Satoshi Fumi (Urban Torque, Apt. International, Proton)

""Big Al" does indeed flirt with the dance floor, which for me is the only way to go"
Craig Stewart (DCS Trax, Acryl Music)

"Strong tracks, Tripets (Big Al Remix) for me !"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Tokyo Red, Deso)

"Great stuff! Big Al remix is the ace!"
Qmusse (Loco, Look Ahead, Soulman Music)

"great remixes ! Alvaro and Christoph and Big Al ...beautifull work
i like them all"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, Deep Wit)

"Love the Christoph Kardek remix - deep house of the highest order!!"
Sachrias & Aslak (Cromarti, Dutchie, Deepology)

"Heavy choice..1.Kardek, 2.Big Al 3.Alvaro Hylander"
Lou Lamar (Ibiza Global Radio, Zurich by House)

"Wooow! I love it!! Alvaro Hylander Remix is my favorite!
I sure play it!! 8,5 /10"
Zuat-Zu (Sophisticate, FM Digital, Etoka)

"loving the bassline in this (big al remix)... makes you groove... will try out in my sets... another good release..."
Jesus Pablo (Deso, Celestial, Tea Drops Music)

"Big Al is for me! Great sounds in the middle. Little bit progressive but deep and rhythmic at the same time! Really good vibes"
Kyka (Cabrio, Housetrap, Wavesurfing)

"Feelin' the "Christoph Kardek Remix" for the glorious melodies, sultry vocals and deep smooth backing"
Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

"love the vocal & the hylander version - my favourite release from you so far..."
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"All mixes are great. I will play for sure. Deep house for the dancefloor."
Edground (Grooveland Brazil)

all remixes very good!thanx for sending!full support!"
Helly Larson (Acryl Music, Soul Industries)

"Good remixes from my favorite track of last month."
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Soinca, Café Del Mar)

"All remixes are great! Each has its own unique vibe. Will support this for sure."
Migs Libre (www.motionmigs.com)

"Each of the remixes is interesting and beautiful"
Olga Flapper (Proton Radio, Pure FM)

"Big Al's mix for me..."
Russell Deeks (iDJ, This Is Why We Dance)

"Christoph Kardek remix is sweet! Very nice!"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Nice Project! Support"
Mirko Paolobi (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"amazing release! Big Al and Christoph Kerdek remix for my set.Great release, great remixes deeeeeep."
Bobi (Club FM)

"Lounge and warm up Sound for my Clubsets! As usual beautiful Sound!"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

"whow,beautyfull sounds on this release!Will play this stuff"
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

Out now!