House Riders-All Together E.P. out now!

Acryl Music 054 features the "All Together E.P." from Montreal based producer-duo House Riders (Soul Industries, iRecords, DeepWit Recordings). Brice Martin Spelle (aka Deep Spelle) and Jeff Fontaine provide deep house for the day, the night and the morning after.

"All Together" is leaded by a pounding beat and a pulsating bass line and soars with slightly melancholic, dreamy synths and pads into deeper fields. Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings, iRecords, UM Records) focused the funk on his remix. Driving drums, a groovy bass line, chords and some fx trickery thrown in for good measure.

To round up the package, we have the Riders again with a different take. Darker sounds, meditative percussions and echoing piano-stabs is what you get here! Lovely all the way through!

Deep House für alle Lagen.
Acryl Music 054 bringt die "All Together EP" des im kanadischen Montreal residierenden Produzenten-Duos House Riders (Soul Industries, i Records, DeepWit Recordings). Brice Martin-Spelle (aka Deep Spelle) und Jeff Fontaine liefern dazu Deep House für den Tag, die Nacht und den Morgen.

"All Together" folgt einem stampfenden Beat und einer pulsierenden Bassline und entschwebt mit leicht melancholisch, verhalten Flächen und verträumten Synths in deepere Gefilde. Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) legt in seinem Remix den Fokus mehr auf den Funk: treibende Drums, eine groovende Bassline, organische Akkorde und verspulte Effekt-Spielereien.

Zum Schluss erweist der Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Connected Remix mit seinen düsteren Sounds, seiner meditativen Percussion und hallenden Piano-Stabs dem detroitschen House-Sound seine Referenz.

Release Date:
08.06.2012 (Beatport)
22.06.2012 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"properly deep and grooving, will play for sure!(Alvaro's remix)"
Brett Johnson (Freerange, Mood Music, 20:20 Vision)

"Alvaro mix is great !"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"Alvaro's remix for me! Jeff & Deep Spelle also sounds great, Support!"
Javier Varez (Alma Soul, iRecords, Etoka)

"Nice driving feel to this EP. I love Alvaro's mix which has a real nice groove and lots of space! would work really late at night :)"
Tom Lown (Recovery Tech, 3 A.M., Wasabi)

"FUCKIN SUPERB! esp. love the connection mix xx "
Nadja Lind (Klartraum, Lucidflow, Darkroom Dubs)

"Original is very nice, deep and sweet."
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Signature Alvaro sound does it for me,
delayed claps/snares and deep wobbly bottom end.
Paul Jones (The Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, 2600)

"Nice Release. Liking the Alvaro and JF and DS mixes. Deep stuff."
JP Philippe (The Disclosure Project)

"Quality deep house. Alvaro has perfect groove."
Jozef Mihalik (Unt Records, Soluble, Whoop!)

"Nice package- Original mix for me, the Spelle & Fontaine mix is tasty too :)"
Will Sumsuch (Urban Torque)

"Sterling quality deepness here,
liking all the mixes but I think the original just nudges it"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, TIWWD Blog)

"original & deep spelle mix for me"
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio, Tempo.atl)

"nice EP... will support... :)"
Jesus Pablo (Something Different, Lost My Dog, Celestial)

"Rich and intelligent! Great groove!"
Foamy Chew (Acryl Music)

"Love What Alvaro has done here, Full Support!"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Acryl Music)

"Great EP by House Riders with awesome remixes too! will play on west radio! "
John P (Westradio, Greece)

"Original mix is for me. Deep stuff, as I like!:)"
Kyka (Cabrio, Housetrap, Wavesurfing)

"amazing EP, love it!!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica)

"Connected jam is super HOT! for the floor, is there any other way?"
Craig Stewart (DCS Trax, Universe Media, Acryl Music)

"alvaro on deep fire here! love it will play!"
Jevne (One Thirty, Eighth Dimension)

"Alvaro Hylander is my pick.
Alvaro is giving an extra to the Deep House scene:
Keep an eye on this guy!"
Edmund (iRecords, Connected Musik)

"Man!! This is amazing. Deep with groove in all the way. I will play."
Edground (Grooveland Brazil)

"Alvaro for me, full support!"
Fer Ferrari (Deep Class Records)

"always nice getting music from Acryl....Deep Joy, thanks!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess)

"Beautiful, groovy release !!"
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"nice , atmospheric sounds from "House riders",
full support from me on my radio show on ...
I think that Alvaro's remix is my favourite!
Thank u & keep up the good work !"
Nosak (Off Radio, Greece)

Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Alvaro Hylander mix is top work!! Will play on the show for sure."
Andy Thomson (Baker Street Recordings)

"Excellent ep ! Real class !!"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, Seta, In Deep Records)

"The HouseRiders and Alvaro Hylander are back again with an amazing collaboration EP!
All three of them are possessing a particular charm - original with it's distinctive floating Houseriding deep melodies and edgy feel, the other remix of the duo with it's dirtier and darker look, and then the magical remix by Alvaro Hylander filled with summer vibes and positivism!!
Stunning EP Love it!! Full Support!"
Di Costa (Moody Lushious Influence)

"Sauberes Tune! Natürlich hat mich der Deep Spelle Remix am besten überzeugt! Einsatz bei mir garantiert! ;)"
René Goldman (Ibiza Soulon)

"I like Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Connected Remix."
Olga Flapper (Proton Radio, Pure FM)

"Amazing Track (Original)! Full support!! love them!"
DJ Cem (Pure Passion, Housetanz, Mykonos)

"great ! i like all the tracks!"
Helly Larson (Acryl Music, Soul Industries, Plastic City)

"Great pack as usual from you guys! Full support from Tunnel FM ;)"
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM, Sweden)

"very good. will support on play fm"
Bülent Billie Dee (Deep Nota, Bangin' Grooves, Lola's World)

"HouseRiders is on fire now ! They always deliver their great hypnotic deep touch.
And Alvaro Hylander with stunning remix definitely my pick here...
Full support guys ! Thumbs up Acryl Music !!!"
Shlomi Biton (Deep Meal Show, Tunnel FM, Israel)

"Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Nice deeeeeep!!! yeah.. I will play for sure..."
Submantra (Loco Records, iRecords, DCS Trax)

"Rmxes are fantastic 4 me . I like original too.
Support, thanks"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio, Seamless)

"Beautiful remixes from Jeff Fontaine and Deep Spelle, love it ;)"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Tokyo Red, Deso)

"Very tasty EP, beautiful deep vibes for the dance floor.
My faves are Original & Alvaro Hylander remix, great work."
Bobi (Club FM)

"Nice quality deep stuff! Will support :)"
Migs Libre (

"Very nice release..Especially Alvaro's Remix!"
Nestora (DPR, Acryl Music)

"A wicked deep house release featuring three equally strong versions,
with the spell binding original being my pick"
Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

"Alvaro remix"
Addex (Etoka, Love Zone, Plastic City)

"Nice sound is here! Thank you! Will support it for sure!"
Deep Sound Express (Aquamarine)

"uuuuuh Dark! nice single!"
GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Om Records)

"Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle mix is serious thing."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"good remix (Connected)"
Greg Fenton (M8 Mag)

Out now!