Timo Camillo-Dancing In The Rain E.P. out now!

Timur Zarudny, better known as Timo Camillo (Galvanic Records) with his debut on Acryl Music. Release number 035 attracts with deepness at it's purest.

Dubby vibes, smooth basslines and melting pad's resulting in techy deep house at it's very best!

Release Date:
28.07.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
18.08.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"we feel Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records, Loco Records Supreme)

"very nice mellow tracks! Autumn tea is wikkid!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Plastic City, Sick Watona)

"Nice deep EP...great flow in all tracks...Sandal beads, Falling Leaf is our favorite. Thanks!"
The Messenger (Soul Industries)

"3 nice n deep trax here... "Autumn Tea Party At Small Cafe" Being My Favorite....."
Mr. Cenzo (Blacksoul, MidiDropMusic, Guess)

"Very relaxing and deep mood in these tracks!
Perfect deep for this hot summer.Very Cool!
My Support again...thanks"
Alex V (Sopgisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"his ep is fantastic!!!I like this release because I would like moody deephouse sound.I love them ... all tracks are very goods"
Bobi (Club FM)

"Nice release but I only like Autumn Tea Party. The other tunes seem not in
the same level for me."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, 2600)

"Gorgeous tracks again! Thanks"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Yeah! i like it ;) Autumn Tea is the pick for me. Will support!"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"Party At Small Cafe" is nice lazy pre-party stuff."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Autumn tea party is my PICK!!!"
Nestora (Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, In Deep Records)

"Autumn tea party at smal cafè is the best for me!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"fantastic realy deep sound. all support on radio and live beach sesion."
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"cool tracks, full support!"
Matthieu Alline (Pack Up And Dance)

i found the 3 tracks rally interesting, perfect for my radio show."
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Conya Pesto)

Yep, another winner from Acryl... and the good news is, this one's
actually in time for an iDJ review"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

Really nice. I will play Tea Party at small cafe :D"
Edground (Grooveland)

love it , great vibe and perfect warm up stuff for me "
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

Love that deep mate. Full support."
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

Out now!

In The Night Vol. 3 out now on iTunes!

In The Night Vol. 3 out now on iTunes incl. the "iTunes exclusive" DJ Mix by label head honcho Da Funk! Don't sleep!

Ibiza 2010@Klang Der Nacht Blog

Ibiza 2010: Der bericht zur detaillierten nachlese, jetzt auf dem "Klang Der Nacht" blog!

Ibiza bietet wunderschöne Landschaften, ein azurblaues Meer und traumhafte Strände. Ibiza bietet aber auch eine Feierszene die alle anderen Destinationen in den Schatten stellt. Berlin mal ausgenommen, vielleicht.

Zumindest ist der Vibe auf der Insel beim Feiern einiges lockerer als an allen anderen Feierdestinationen. Was wir alles erlebt haben gibt's detailliert nachzulesen auf
"Klang Der Nacht", dem blog!

Lesen strengstens empfohlen!