Onur Ozman-Shadow Of The Statue E.P. out now!

22-year old Onur Ozman delivers his 2nd release on Acryl Music with the "Shadow Of The Statue E.P.".
Just yet moved from Istanbul to Zurich, his 2 tracker speaks for itself again.

The spherical title track 'Shadow Of The Statue', is carried by a short piano loop while the funky bassline sets the rhythm.

'Music Is Rectangular'is an introverted underwater tech-house tune complete with a trippy feel and driving drums.

Der 22-jährige Onur Ozman liefert mit der 'Shadow Of The Statue E.P.' sein zweites Release auf Acryl Music. Gerade erst von Istanbul nach Zürich gezogen überzeugt der Zweitracker in seinem galoppierenden Housegewand.

Der sphärische Titeltrack 'Shadow Of The Statue' wird getragen von einem kurzen Piano-Loop während die Bassline ewig analog funkig den Akzent auf den Rhythmus legt.

'Music Is Rectangular' ist eine in sich gekehrte Unterwasser-Tech-House-Nummer, die stets ästhetisch an die Epen dieser Spielart erinnert. Trippig und treibend arrangierte Drums in Kombination mit der flächig anschmiegsamen Erleuchtung haben dabei durchaus ihr sakrales Moment.

Release Date:
21.01.2011 (Beatport exclusive)
04.02.2011 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"like track 2 a lot"
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"good tunes man. gonna have fun with them this weekend. thanks for reaching out and keep up the good work."
Alton Miller (Defected, Atal, Peacefrog)

"Very Nice And Deep but moving at the same time"
Glenn Underground (Guidance, Peacefrog)

"Good release"
Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Freerange, Pacha)

"Nice work, thanks guys"
Giom (Recovery Tech, Lost My Dog, Amenti)

"Shadow Of The Statue is pretty awesome"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Monoid)

"both trax are great! deep tech houseeee"
Satoshi Fumi (Urban Torque, Apt. International)

"Music is Rectangular, is totaly in my style, thanx for sending, will play it a lot!"
Pablo Bolivar (Galaktika, Regular, Absurd)

"Onur can't go wrong. Lovely tunes again and again.
"Music Is Rectangular" is da bomb! Groovy as hell.
Will play and chart. Thanx for this promo. Great job Acryl"
The Messenger (iRecords, Soul Industries, Plastic City)

"great release...i like his stuff!!"
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City)

"fantastic deep vibe on the "Music is Rectangular" track."
Steve Mill (Urban Torque, Discoteca, Mistique)

"great EP, shadow is it for me, thx :)"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Plastic City, Discoteca)

"both tracks sounds cool!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Witty Tunes, Deepology)

"Yeah!!! Weldone my friend!!! Like both tracks..."
Sendos Fuera (Extremely House Music, Plastic City, Ibiza Sonica)

"Nice one "Music is Retacgular"! I'm gonna play a lot"
GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Om Records)

"Music is Rectangular kills it!!!! Can't wait to play this this weekend!! Full Support."
Tres Manos (Justified Cause)

"Music is rectangular is for me! will defo play it !"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"Nice and groovy...Music is rectangular is the one for me. Well done again!"
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Really into "Music Is Rectangular" good work!"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz)

"Music is rectangular def the kind of track you would find in my bag at 2 am full support"
Erefaan Pearce (Undertones, Kolour, Loudeast)

"Music is rectangular" is the best for me,
very good deep movement!"
Javier Varez (iRecords, Etoka)

"Nice musical EP, well constructed and lots of nice elements and flow, Music is rectangular is my pick here."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project)

"Two great original tracks. No need to choose a fav here, both are!!"
Alvaro Hylander (iRecords, Stratospherik, Acryl Music)

"Music is Rectangular are amazing! I will try"
Qmusse (Loco, Look Ahead, Soulman Music)

"Both tracks are wicked here but my fav is track 2"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Dutchie, Acryl Music)

"like music is rectangular."
Nic Johnson (Pacha Ibiza)

"Thanks guys! Very nice!"
Elastic Sound (Deepology, Aquamarine)

"Onur Ozman did a great job again! Love both tracks but "Music Is Rectangular" is more for me. Full support fom "Housetrap" guys:)!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Housetrap, Wavesurfing)

"Onur Ozman kills the dancefloor again with this great EP! Full Support"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Tokyo Red, Deso)

"You do it great! Amazing EP. Cheers!"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Music Is Rectangular' is very deep! 5/5"
Microphunk (Deeper Shades Of House)

"Shadow Of The Statue" track, is a nice energetic and groovy song.
I like "Music Is Rectangular" for it's own Onur Ozman darker and deep atmosphere feeling, aswell for the rhythmatic mood wich is delivered."
Addex (Plastic City, 2600 Records, Etoka)

"download thank you"
Paco Osuna (Plus 8, Article, Minus)

"really like "Music Is Rectangular" great groove here!"
Agent Matteo (Elevation, Acryl Music)

"very good e.p. on Acryl! my pick is Music is rectangular!"
Helly Larsson (Soul Industries, Acryl Music)

"Shadow of the Statue is nice & deep... just like I like 'em!"
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio, Tempo.ATL)

"really loving this track! superb work! Full Support on Sonica!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica)

"really cool tracks ;)
cant wait for play it in my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio"
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Another sweet emotion from Ozman, downloading for my self and for Dinamo Fm .."
Baris Bergiten (Dinamo FM Radio)

"First track is amazing!Full support!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, In Deep Records, Disclosure Project)

"Love Onur's Music! This is nice! more synth lead the his usual!"
Jevne (One Thirty, Eight Dimension)

"Beautifull release from a very promising young producer! actually i like a lot both ytacks..Shadow of the statue is my fav.thank you Acryl for this begining of 2011"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, In Deep, Acryl Music)

"for me the best one is the first,
but I'll play it also the second one..."
Sergi Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"nice one"
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"A Perfect Antidote To Acquiring Pure Greatness After The Drop of The Track!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"eine Bombe....."
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House, Ibiza Global Radio)

"Quality EP... Music Is Rectangular will be in my Cd for months to come... 8/10!! :)"
Jesus Pablo (Celestial, Tea Drops Music)

"You can always count on Acryl and of course ONUR ÖZMAN! Thanx for a start with beautiful groovy sound 2011!"
Nadja Lind ((Lucidfow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

"Amazing tracks! :) Shadow Of The Statue my fav."
Paronator (Seamless, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"good production"
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"Nice 2 tracker. Shadow of the statue is a great atmospheric deep number, love all the ethnic elements in there. Music is rectangular gets full support though, a bouncy head nodder if ever i heard one. Another great release from Acyl."
JP Phililippe (Disclosure Project)

"A very mature and carefully crafted deep house EP. A well deserved 5/5 from me."
Bios (Acryl Music, Loud Society)

"Awesomley deep and dark - wicked!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Two top tracks. All support on my radio shows, sure"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Track 1 for me, Deep as i like, respect!"
Berny (Seamless, Aenaria)

"Loving the Groove of Music Is Rectangular."
Raymundo Rodriguez (Baker Street, Recovery House, Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Groovy bass in 'Music Is Rectangular"
Olga Flapper (Sound Vibration, Pure FM)

"will play " Music is Rectangular"... Thanks!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Beautiful mellow vibes!"
Russell Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

"Fresh and fabulous!Supported."
Motionmigs (motionmigs.blogspot.com)

"Onur Ozman is a great Deepsoundproducer! I like this Sound! Track 2 is beautiful for my Loungset´s and warm up DJ Sets in the Club's!"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

"review to follow"
Bleed (De:Bug)

"Max Support!!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italia)

"Lovin' it! As deep as it gets!"
Philipp (Deep House Cat Show)

"top job Onur, great release! i like them all, full support!"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Onur did again a great job!"
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

Out now!

Onur Ozman-Shadow Of The Statue E.P. Review

Straight from the streets of Zurich, Switzerland, “Shadow of the Statue” EP by the very young and talented Turkish producer— Onur Ozman— is the latest craft Acryl Music has to offer! This EP spawns “Shadow of the Statue” and “Music is Rectangular”, two mint and highly-sophisticated tracks from Onur Ozman.
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“Shake That Thing” ist schon mal eine Ansage. Der langsam immer tiefer rubbelnde Groove auch, aber dann werden die Hintergrundsamples immer intensiver und man hat fast das Gefühl, dass hier jemand einen Technotrack in einem Housegroove zu verstecken sucht.

Brüllende Basslines, schnittige Sequenzen, purer Workout. Der Pablo Fierro Dub macht das einiges smoother, verliert aber in den wohlklingenden Synths manchmal die Übersicht, und die beiden anderen Mixe braucht es nicht.
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Ivan Enot-Morning (Remixes Part 2) Review De:Bug

Vor allem der klassisch zitternde Onur Ozman Remix hat es mir hier angetan, denn in dem fast typischen Technogroove entwickelt er immer mehr unerwartete blinkend swingende Fragmente von Funk, die sich im Harmoniewechsel dann noch zu einer großen Hymne aufplustern und einfach alles wegblasen.

Magische Nummer. Immer wieder. The Messenger und Jason Roc sind in ihrer Art immer ein klein wenig zu kitschig.
Bleed (De:Bug)

Craig Stewart-Make Me E.P. Review

Craig Stewart is known for going on a pursuit with Johnny Montana in perfecting moonlight-inspired deep and soulful house music as heard in their productions and remixes like "Lunar Eyes", "Million to One", and "State of Mind". Make Me EP— Stewart's latest release on Acryl Music is quite different— it is minus Johnny Montana and the soulful vibe, but a plus to the technical and groovy sound of the deep! To celebrate this release, Alex V, Office Gossip, and Acryl Music head honcho, Da Funk also contribute their respective remixes to the package.
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Da Funk-Gloomy Scene Review (TIWWD)

Craig Stewart-Make Me E.P. out now!

UK deep house don Craig Stewart (DCS Trax, Universe Media, Soundmen On
Wax), delivers his debut on Acryl Music with the "Make Me E.P.
The title track is a classic deep house masterpiece. "Do For Love" comes
along reduced and techier but never misses up on the necessary portion of

Additionally to the originals, Acryl Music 041 offers 3 remixes: "Do For
Love" remixed by Alex V (Justified Cause, Night Drive, Sophisticate) focuses
on a groovy bass line and spherical pads, while the "Make Me" remix of
Office Gossip (Winding Road, Dark Energy, Urban Torque) pays tribute to
house music from back in the days with it's detroit-esque sounds.

The package is completed with a remix from label boss Da Funk, whose "Numb
Soul" interpretation of "Make Me" is sure fire deepness for the morning

Mit der "Make Me E.P." liefert der aus UK stammende Craig Stewart (Mn2s, Soundmen On Wax, Raunchy Rhythms Radio) sein erstes Release auf Acryl Music. Der Titeltrack "Make Me" ist ein klassisches Deep House-Meisterstück. Das zweite Original "Do For Love" geht reduzierter und techiger an die Sache, lässt die nötige Portion Deepness jedoch nie vermissen.

Zu den zwei Originalen gesellen sich bei Acryl Music 041 auch drei Remixe:
"Do For Love" im Mix von Alex V (Justified Cause, Night Drive, Sophisticate) setzt seinen Fokus auf eine groovende Bassline und sphärische Flächen, während der "Make Me"-Remix von Office Gossip (Winding Road, Dark Energy, Urban Torque) mit gehörig Hall und deepen Chords den detroitschen Houseklängen seine Aufwartung macht.

Abgeschlossen wird das Package durch einen Remix von Acryl's Labelboss Da Funk, dessen "Numb Soul" Remix von "Make Me" deep und drückend alles niederbrennt was sich ihm in den Weg stellt.

Release Date:
30.12.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
13.01.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Nice deep drivin tracks and mixes! "
Snuff Crew (International Deeja Gigolo, Remute, Rush Hour)

"very cool ep will play ! :)"
Catz 'N Dogz (Get Physical, Mothership, Dirtybird)

"Really nice n groovy stuff!"
Djuma Soundsystem (Toolroom, Rebirth, Get Physical)

"nice sound. alex v and da funk's numb soul remix for me here"
André Lodemann (Freerange, Room With A View, Best Works)

"Loving this ep, great originals, excellent remixes. Will play it."
Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Freerange, Pacha)

"love the whole ep ... still dont know which one I will pick !!! I guest I play them all..."
DJ Yellow (Composite, Freerange, Plastic City)

"the office gossip's remix is very good!"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco, Seamless, Acryl Music)

"Thanks, Make me, org and Office Gossip are great! support"
Taras Van De Voorde (Rebirth, Noir Music, Mood Music)

"Awesome release guys! thumbs up! love the melodies and funky 80's touch! Good work! Goes straight into my box!"
Florian Kruse (King Street, Dark Energy, Bedrock)

"Office gossip mix is the joint here,what a nice piece of music"
Jay Tripwire (Get Physical, Seasons, Conya)

"Nice ep... ;)"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"WOW GUYS!!! Do For Love original is awesome! Alex made it so cool as well. I like so much the brand new Da Funk's sound. Great release!"
GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Om Records)

"cool house groove will play"
Inland Knights (Drop Music, 20:20 Vision, Panhandle)

"What a fantastic ep! love both originals, superfunky
and love the deep trip, good one guys thnx."
Emill De Moreu (Tapas Recordings)

"both originals are great!"
Jay West (Myna, Blockhead, So Sound)

"Thanks for the promo guys, i'm really liking do for love and will try it out."
Giom (Recovery Tech, Amenti, Lost My Dog)

"Wow! Amazin EP, all mixes is great!!!"
Dima Promo (iRecords, Loco, Acryl Music)

"nice package, I like the Da Funk remix, and Alex V Remix"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Discoteca Music, Plastic City)

"Deepness! Full support"
Melchyor A (Slip'N'Slide, Open Bar, Queep)

"Nice One. I am more into office gossip and da funk here. Thanks."
Evren Ulusoy (Nulogic, Plastic City, iRecords)

"Perfect! Office gossip is the main for me here. All tracks is very beauty. Full support!"
DJ Electric (Deepology, Aquamarine)

"WOW! really solid release! liking all these tracks! hard to choose a fav actually!"
Jevne (One Thirty Recordings)

"Alex V and Da Funk's for me"
Tom Morgan (Discoteca Music)

"Make Me" a nice deep house track. Alex V Remix sounds amazing, nice job there - atmospherical. Office Gossip Remix more then groovy and this remix is pure gold. Smooth remix on Da Funk. Great EP."
Addex (Etoka, Love Zone, Plastic City)

"Do for love is my fave from this package, cheers for sending!"
Art Patrice (Dutchie, Nueva, Ready Mix)

"All mixes are interesting. I'll play 'em."
Joe DiPadova (Deeper Shades, City Deep, Seasons)

"Make me original is for me. Also good tracks, will give a spin for sure!"
Dirty Culture (Loco, Affin, Neurotraxx)

"Nice original tracks. Office Gossip remix (B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L)!!!
that's the one for me together with Da Fank's awesome remix."
Alvaro Hylander (iRecords, Stratospherik, Acryl Music)

"the remixes are amazing!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Plastic City, Deepology)

"really nice release! will play it!"
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City)

"Office Gossip is lovely and deep but Da Funk does the tastiest mix here. Deep and warm but he also doesn't forget the funk. "
Darran Nugent (Aruba, Elevation Recordings)

"Diggin both original mixes, warm feel-good house just the way I like it."
Elmar Schubert (Dieb Audio, Freerange, Satin Souls)

"Wow.. Do For Love Original is ACE.
Alex V, is also really cool.. loving it, the synths, and all the atmosphere is lovely. This release will be commented next week on my daily radio show "La Terraza" on Enjoy Fm (Spain)"
Edmund (Connected Musik, iRecords, Loudeast)

"Love full E.P. My favourite is Da funk Remix... Yeahhhh!!!"
Sendos Fuera (Extremely House Music, S'hort, Plastic City)

"bangin ep. a mmust play on my set. 1,2 & 5 are bangers!"
Jovonn (King Street, Mn2s, Defected)

"great stuff again, supporting!"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box, Proton)

"Really hot release, cool deep touch...great al the package, tracks 1 and 2 are my favourite"
DJ Umbi (Irma, Pyramide, Gotta Keep Faith)

"Strong ep. All tracks working well but original mix of Make Me stands out. Will be playing."
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep, iRecords, Om, Go Deep)

"All pack is real Deep ..I'm real loving this..Full support for my brother Craig.."
Submantra (Loco, Starlight Unlimited, Irma)

"Really great remix from Alex V, solid production and great atmospherics."
Agent Matteo (Acryl Music, Deep Class, Elevation)

"Do For Love original is cool! Will support!"
Krummstoff (Low Flow, Dutchie, In Deep)

"smooth groove. like it"
Abicah Soul (City Deep, Strictly Rhythm, Perception)

"Smart EP, best of deep house as usual from Acryl. Fav mix is probly the alex v. But all mixes are great including the originals. Bravo."
JP Phillippe (Disclosure Project,

"Alex V as always on the top. Cool uplifting deep trancy remix. Love it & will play in my gigs and radioshows."
Vincent Inc. (Mansucript, Toto)

"Do for Love Original is very nice...will play that for sure, thx"
Matt Star (Tanzbar, Cocoon, Opossum)

"Office Gossip remix for me"
Fog (Brise, Time Has Changed, Save Room)

"proper deepness!!!"
N'Dinga Gaba (Blacksoul, Soul Channel)

"Great Stuff...Da funks remix is kickin for me!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, In Deep, Disclosure Project)

"Alex V Remix=monster, Office Gossip Remix=like an updated version of Moby's "Go" on Haze:), Da Funk Remix is da funk, indeed. Like!"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Monoid)

"Lovely package. All the tracks are very playable but Alex V and Office Gossip are the picks for me here. Support"
Andres Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"Do For Love and Office Gossip remix both hit the mark here"
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)

"I'm supporting the original mix of 'Make Me' since in the night compilation. Nice tune."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, Next Dimension)

"really nice!"
Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music, Purple Music, Milk & Sugar)

"Beautiful release - always looking forward to acry music promos. Esp. like the Alex V Rmx! This is DOPE! Da Funk's Numb Soul Rmx soundin not NUMB at all! :-) nice nice"
Nadja Lind (Lucidfow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

"Really cool release. Do for Love original mix and Alex V remix for me, but Make me Da Funk edit is my fav on this Ep."
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"office gossip remix is for me!"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"I like full EP, great one! but i fell in love of both mixes of "Do For Love", very good work Craig & Alex!"
Javier Varez (iRecords, Alma Soul, Etoka)

"nice release...good deep techniques...
..."make me" (da funks rmx) is my favorite...but also "do for love" (alex v rmx) is a very nice one...!!!"
Riccicomoto (Rain Recordings, Acryl Music, Ibiza Global Radio)

"Very nice across the whole EP with the remixes by Da Funk and Alex V standing out most on first listen."
Ian Straker (Lost My Dog)

"An EP for the ages and Craig Stewart Drops It, Da Funk Style!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Super deeper e.p. Full support on radio and live!"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio, Seamless)

"good release, excellent rmxs of both tunes"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Da Funk remix is for me! Very beautiful atmospheric sounds. Will play it for sure!"
Kyka (Wavesurfing, Cabrio, Cromarti)

"all 3 remixes are tightttttt"
Hisham Zahram (Union jack, Dyami, Acryl Music)

"Nice package here, liking craigs original of Do for love, and the da funk remix most here."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, 2600, Elevation)

"Proper deep aesthetics here - from the bunch of the mixes the Office Gossip's version caught me attention the most."
Fabian Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm, Neurotraxx)

"after 4 full listen-through I still can't decide which one is my fav. honestly mate the whole package is so making it that it's not an overstatement to say that for me this is the best Acryl release so far"
Bios (Acryl Music, Loud Society)

"Pure class, every mix is on point. 10/10"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Baker Street, Recovery Tech, Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"All tracks are wicked but really diggin the Office Gossip remix on this."
Matt Masters, (Freerange, MidiDropMusic, Pacha)

"Love it!!!!!!All the tracks are very good!!!Pure elegance,groovin and good production!Congrats!"
Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids, Budenzauber, Prog City Deep)

"great work!"
Amir Groove (Monday Deep Sessions, Ibiza Sonica)

"great release! i really like the Make me orig. mix and the Da Funk remix is a killer
i also like a lot Alex V Do For Love remix -excellent work!"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, In Deep Records)

"I like Office Gossip Remix a lot."
Microphunk (Deeper Shades, Pesto, Cherry Pickers)

"Make me is the one for me, sounds nice!"
Qmusse (Loco, Tokyo Red, Soulman)

"Nice deep tracks, like all and tracks - 3 & 4 fit with my dj style. Track one reminds me of some deep house tracks from mid 90's, nice (would fit well with a strong spoken word vocal). Bet Jonny loves these!!! haha.
Andy (ReFunked Soul)

"Deep Grooves... :)"
Jesus Pablo (Celestial, Head Tunes, Endemic)

"I love your Tracks, because i play this evereyday in my warm up sets and the Clubbers loved this Sound! IN my last Deepset (16.12.2010) in SOLARberlin.com comes the Peoples to me and say: this is beautiful Sound! Also, thanks Acryl Music! ;)))"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

"I like 'Make Me' Original - very beauty track"
Olga Flapper (Proton Radio, Pure FM)

"Awesome package all round!!"
Danny Graham (Tokio, Adjust, Proton)

"Office Gossip remix is amazing! So moody! Plus with the touch of oldschool heart... Yes. We dig the package."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"nice production"
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"Really feeling the bouncy groove on Make Me"
Hector Romero (Saw, Rebirth, Pacha)

"Da Funk's mix is the best for me!"
Yohan Esprada (Deso, Next Dimension, Soul Heat)

"I love the Alex V Remix! Full support! Will play in my set!"
Cem (Pacha, Pure Passion)

"Da Funk's mix is right up my alley... well done!"
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio)

"like the office gossip mix"
Dave Mothersole (Sensei, Deep Xperience, Intrinsic Design)

"loving this release from craig stewart, its got that cool sexy vibe that us girls love to dance to"
Martina Lancaster (Universe Media)

"Great EP here, hard to pick a favourite"
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House, Ibiza Global Radio)

"great ep, loads of quality arrangement and energy"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Very deep and groovy track. CS always brings it tight!"
3C (3345 Music)

"Nice remix by Office Gossip. But Da Funk is the winner."
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Grey, Beef)

"Great release! Really loving the third and the fifth track! Keep it up!"
Miguel Libre (Motionmigs)

"I like the orignial mix of Make Me but also Do For Love, remixed by Alex V"
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Sonica, Café Del Mar)

"Do For Love" with remix sounds here tune for me, also youre remix of "Make Me" sounds cool."
Ricky Inch (Cabrio Records)

"Office Gossip remix is nice! Deep with a lovely bassline... A late night hour unit"
D-Refelction (Adaption, Groove Baby, Funkfield)

"review to follow"
Bleed (De:Bug)

"Very nice. I will play both tracks in my show."
Edground (Barzilian Soul Crew, Clubstar)

"been rocking "make me" for a while now. strong E.P, digging all the remixes too."
Dave Miller (Illegal Cargo, A Touch Of Class)

"superb EP there Craig, you're da man simply"
DJ Mannix (Egoiste Records, Go Beat, Soudmen On Wax)

"realy nice ep!"
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

"Top Tracks! Will support!"
Philipp Eirich (Deep House Cat Show)

Mirko Poloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"nice tracks!"
Attila Tokolics (Oversized Records, Seaburn)

"Hard to choose a favourite, all sound slick. Would definitely play"
Dimitri Nakov (Bedrock, Tronic, Flat Belly)

"This is a wicked EP, sounds great. I am loving the Make me original mix but I will get some use out of the Da Funks Numb Soul remix as well"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

Out now!