Mastercris-My Pleasure E.P. out now!

Direct to the dancefloor!
That's what southern Portugal based producer Mastercris (Dutchie Music, Ready Mix Records) aimed at with his "My Pleasure EP".

The title track bounce straight to dance floor with a fat kick, a rumbling bassline and deep chords. "Percussive View" relies on dubby, almost foggy, raw deepness, a powerful jamming hook line and a funky bass line.

With "You" the circle closes, this time with a purring bassline, and beautful synths.
House Music, Baby!

Direkt auf den Dancefloor!
Darauf zielt die, des in Portimão im Süden Portugals lebenden Produzenten Mastercris (Dutchie Music, Ready Mix Recordings), „My Pleasure EP“.

Der Titeltrack der Acryl Music 055 bounct mit dicker Kick, grollender Bassline und deepen Chords ohne Umschweife auf den Old School-Dancefloor.
„Percussive View“ setzt auf dubbige, fast schon vernebelte, rohe Deepness, eine mächtig jammende Hookline und eine funky Bassline.

Mit „You“ schliesst sich der Kreis: leicht verschachtelte Beats, eine schnurrende Bassline und entspannte Synths.
House Music, Baby!

Release Date:
24.08.2012 (Beatport)
07.09.2012 (Worldwide)
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Supported by:
Moodymanc, Alvaro Hylander, Satoshi Fumi, Elmar Schubert, Q-Burns Abstract Message, UGLH, Sezer Uysal, Kenny Gino, Onur Ozman, Big Al, Stax, Demarkus Lewis, Helly Larson, Javier Varez, Cristian Varela, JP Philippe, Ricky Inch, Fog, Zuat-Zu, Bobi Club Fm, Shlomi Biton, Nosak, Russel Deeks, C&M Productions, Sun City, Greg Fenton, Paul Van Dyk, Felipe Callado, Kyka, Bruno From Ibiza, Miguel Garji, Tunnel FM, Paul Jones, Mike Fossati, Jevne, Lonya, Alex V, John P., Jozef Mihalik, Di Costa, Jesus Pablo, Addex, Dan Noel, Lars Behrenrot, Tom Lown, Richie Hartness, Ilias Katelanos, Delmar Browne, Andy Bach, Bülent Billie Dee, Motionmigs, René Goldmann and many more!

Out now!

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