Alvaro Hylander-Sounds Over Time E.P. out now!

The "Sounds Over Time E.P." marks Alvaro Hylander's (DeepWit Recordings, I Records, Alma Soul Music) first release on Acryl Music.

"Get Along (Original Mix Sucio)" comes along deep and tracky with it's reverberated chords, synths and a groove that reminiscences the old school of Chicago.
"By Time" impresses with it's hypnotic sound patterns while "Left Or Right (Feat. Hammez) features raw stabs, beautiful pad's on top of a driving beat.
"Shot You (feat. Hammez)", rounds up the E.P. with it's smokey, deep aesthetics and organic chords.
Perfect music for a slightly foggy sunrise in late summer or a rainy night ride through landscapes at fall.

Die "Sounds Over Time E.P." markiert das erste Release des in Spanien geborenen und nun in Dänemark lebenden Alvaro Hylander auf Acryl Music. Vier Tracks präsentiert Hylander. Jedes Stück verfolgt eine eigene Idee und hat schlussendlich doch Berührungspunkte mit den anderen. "Get Along (Original Sucio Mix)" kommt im sehr deepen Gewand daher. Verhallte Akkorde, verstörte Synths und ein Groove der starke Reminiszenzen an die alte Schule Chicago's hat.
"Time By" besticht durch sein hypnotisches Klangmuster und galoppierenden Drums gepaart mit deepen Sounds. Spröde und rohe Stabs, eine hallende Flächenlandschaft und treibender Beat überzeugen hingegen im Stück "Left Or Right" (Feat. Hammez).
Abgerundet wird die E.P. mit "Shot You" (Feat. Hammez), einem deepen Stomper mit verrauchter Ästhetik, rasselnden Percussions und organischen Akkorden. Perfekte Musik für leicht neblige Sonnenaufgänge im Spätsommer oder die nächtliche Fahrt durch verregnete Landschaften im Herbst.

Release Date:
19.08.2011 (Beatport exclusive)
02.09.2011 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"For me this EP picks up at the end. Both track 3-4 are really nice."
Tiger Stripes (Strictly Rhythm, Get Physical, Toolroom)

"excellent EP"
Nick Warren (Global Underground)

"Great Pack!!!"
Pablo Fierro (Dark Energy, iRecords, Dutchie)

"Left or right is amazing....really looking forward to playing this out.."
Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat, Save You, Recovery Tech)

"Nice beaty tracks with syrupy atmosphere ... good stuff."
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension, Nrk, Astralwerks)

Cristian Varela (Bedrock, Pornographic, Respekt)

"Nice EP, Time By is excellent!"
Zoë Xenia (Suara, Connaiseur, Bass Culture)
"4 brilliant and very emotional and profound tracks with soul!"
Nadja Lind (Lucidfow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)
"Beautiful sounds, all 4 tracks a pure deep house as it should be."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Naked Music, Acryl Music)
"very nice"
Inland Knights (Drop Music, 20:20 Vision, Panhandle)

"Loving this release! Great tracks all together, Shot You and Time By are favs.
Full support!!"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, iRecords, Plastic City)

"Lovely package. Time By is a masterpiece."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, 2600)

"Shot You for me , Time By is also a very cool deep track"
Lonya (Acryl Music, Asymetric, Elevation)

"Great package, left or right is for me"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"left or right for me"
Dima Promo (iRecords, Loco, Acryl Music)

"Wicked deepness"
Andy Baxter (Ibiza Sonica, Café Mambo, Pacha Ibiza)

"yessssssss, Acryl allways deep. Thanks for this amazing release
love all tracks"
Ernesto Altés (Sendo Fuera, Ibiza Sonica, Just House)

"Yeah love all tracks speacially Left Or Right,another bomb from Alvaro!"
Javier Varez (Alma Soul, iRecords, Etoka)

"quality release, the best track for me her eis Left or Right"
Bogdan Taran (Tohuwabohu, Amber Muse, Capital FM)

"download thank you :)"
Paco Osuna (Plus 8, Article, Minus)

"Nice package! loving Left Or Right!"
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Gotta love those deep tracks. Perfect EP from Alvaro. Smoothness as always from him"
Addex (Etoka, Love Zone, Plastic City)

"Hard to tell a fav. of these, great package overall!"
Marvin Zeyss (In Deep Refords, FM Digital, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"rockin stuff as always from acrylic full support"
Dibby Dougherty (Dutchie, Omnis, Lowbit)

"All tracks sounds cool and very deep"
Qmusse (Loco, Look Ahead, Soulman Music)

"Great release!"
Matty Gillespie (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Rhythm Music)

"get along is our fav tune on this must-have-deep-gem!! thumbs up!"
C&M Productions (Truehouse, Forensic, Dutchie)

"The Shot you is fantastic- love the vibe in this one. Great ep !!"
Andre Detoxx (Deep Wit, Tanztone, Acuna Deep)

"quite a techie/micro house styled release here all 4 tracks are well produced and interesting"
Paul Jones (The Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, 2600)

Great Ep from Alvaro Hylander, my favorite are Shot You and Time By!
I play it with pleasure!"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Tokyo Red, Deso)

"good EP, shot you is the best for me :)"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Plastic City, Discoteca)

"Gotta love those deep tracks. Perfect EP from Alvaro.
Smoothness as always from him."
Addex (Plastic City, 2600 Records, Etoka)

"Loving the bumpy grooves on left or right. Nice Ep as expected from Alvaro and Acryl."
JP Philippe (The Disclosure Project)

"Get Along my favorite!"
Berny (Aenaria, Autan, Seamless)

"Nice deep sounds. "Time By" is my fav in here."
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Ceremony)

"Alvaro has gotten a new Fan... Proper!!!"
Demarkus Lewis (Grin, Guesthouse, Tretmuehle)

"great ep from mr. hylander! my fav. tracks is left or right and shot you!"
Helly Larson (Acryl Music, Soul Industries, Plastic City)

Full support in my gigs. Thanks for the new music. Is Amazing like always."
Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica)

"Will try some of these in my next shows!"
Fog (Save Room, Brise, Plastic City)

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City)

"Briliant ep from a very talented producer! full support"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, Deep Wit, Acryl Music)

"Beautiful music, love the whole EP!"
Sachrias & Aslak (Cromarti, Dutchie, Deepology)

Wicked Release All Round Here.... Cheers!"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Acryl Music)

Deep & groove for the dancefloor. I will play."
Edground (Grooveland Brazil)

"Nice Ep, Will test it tonight for sure!"
Nic Johnson (Pacha, Ibiza)

"full support!great tune! Will play in my next set!"
Cem (Pacha Recordings)

"nice tracks, cool vibe!"
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

"This is a solid release! I could play all 4 tracks!
Get Along and left or right are sure to be in a mix at some point!"
Jevne (One Thirty, Eight Dimension)

"Left Or Right & Shot You are very HOT! for the dance floor"
Craig Stewart (DCS Trax, Acryl Music)

"cool Ep, will test it out"
Kolombo (Kompakt, Noir, Azuli)

nice EP... look forward to playin Left Or Right on a big system this weekend... "
Jesus Pablo (Deso, Celestial, Tea Drops Music)

Fantastic EP! Love Alvaro :) Full support!"
Big Al (Ready Mix Records, Brown Eyed Boyz, Dutchie)

"nice and groovy release full support from me"
Vas Floyd (Night Drive, Urban Torque, iRecords)

"Nice deep pack, love it!!"
Desos (Desos Records, Look Ahead)

"Decent Ep! favourite is 'Left Or Right'"
Microphunk (Deeper Shades Of House, Pesto, Soluble)

"great package! full support in Moscow!"
Konstantin (Deepology)

"Really nice tracks guys. Loving these."
Dan Welton (Forza, Adjust, Noir Music)

"Nice package! First track is the one for me this time. Will play it for sure:)!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Housetrap, Wavesurfing)

"Symple good deep under. Full support"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio, Seamless)

"Fantastic EP... Track 3 has an amazing groove... Will play for sure..!"
Di Riviera (Deso, Endemic, Cubism)

"track 3 like it to"
Bülent Billie Dee (Deep Nota, Bangin' Grooves, Lola's World)

"Cracking combination of label and artist! Love it!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Fantastic tracks, Alvaro is one of the best deep-house artist in this time! For sure this EP will be played on Tunnel FM shows"
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM, Sweden)

"love the deepness of Get Along, as well as Shot You"
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio, Tempo.atl)

"Wicked EP full of deep and contaminous yet smooth cuts, with the lush "Time by" being my favorite for its delectable melodies"
Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

"Suel's remix for me!"
Migs Libre (

"Like all of the tracks on this EP. Nice deep atmospheric feel. i will be playing all four of these, great stuff"
Bobi (Club FM)

"Awesome tracks as always by Alvaro. Full support!"
John P (Westradio, Greece)

"review to follow"
Bleed (De:Bug)

"nice track (shot you)"
Greg Fenton (M8 Mag)

"Nice Vibe! Support"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"time by is a beautiful track,like the hole release"
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

Out now!