Promo Reactions
Da Funk-Catch The Wave E.P.

"been playing "Catch The Wave" in our Spiritchaser sets......great track!!!!"
Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, Guess Records, Spiritchaser)

"very nice. "Catch The Wave" is my fav. will play."
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"once again you've done 2 killer tracks...ganz geil!"
C&M Productions (Forensic, Neat Music, Purple Tracks)

"Catch The Wave" mix nice and groovy. nice tech feel. a must play.deeep"
DJ Stax (Abicah Soul Music, Moods & Grooves, Large)

"this is a delicious deep e.p. both tracks have a great groove. i love "Catch The Wave"... this is more space and hypnotic. this track takes you, loads you, softly... great trip. my congrats!" big up from Brazil!"
Fernando Ribeiro (Lique Club, Brazil)

"thanks for the tracks.. really enjoying both and will definetly be playing them out this weekend! my kinda house for sure.. deep, funky and atmospheric! proper!"
Ric McClelland (Urbantorque, Forensic, Escada)

"thanks very much for sending me this. both tracks are nice but "Catch The Wave" is the one i'll play - nice melodic bumpin house music, very usable."
Harold Heath (Urbantorque, Oblong, Lost My Dog)

"nice project, very elegant. thank you"
Francesco Farfa (Ibiza Sonica, Pacha, Space)

"Her Digits" fit right in with the types of venues i'm currently playing, and love the toughness of "Catch The Wave". these are outstanding house tracks... it's hard to even pick a favorite mix
DJ Inc (Proton Radio, Soco Audio)

"top early night funky vibes!"
Nikola Gala (Escada, Urbantorque, Plastic City)

"phat! best Acryl release so far... time for vinyl, right? ;)"
Manuel Tur (Freerange, Drumpoet, Conya)

"i'll chart "Catch The Wave"'s really nice!"
Dave Storm (Ceremony Records, Subliminal Soul, Cabrio)

"full support from me really. fantastic grooves here, staight to the cd case. especialy "Her Digits", love that groove...solid!"
BP Zulauf (Helvetic Records, Bellarine, Adjust)

"dude you rock. proper house music as it should be. awesome deep house tracks from Da Funk! many thanks for the promo and the best of luck with the release."
Mark Garey (Aesoteric Records)

"great release! trip house and deepness sounds...
Garcy Noise (Justified Cause, House Café)

"Great Music!!! "Her Digits" and "Catch The Wave" are big tracks.
Sounds great on Ibiza Sonica. Thanks."
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"i already mixed your "Dig Dis" track on my "Deep Hangout", very nice reaction. and this new promo is awesome electro-soul ;) - will be on some of the new mixes... just to let you know that music is very very cool, and thanks for promos."
DJ Dacha (Deeplink NYC)

"i'm a big fan of Da Funk's music for a long time now. these tracks are absolute deepness! very special is "Catch The Wave" with great bassline, pads and good old house drum groove which is already in our Tallinn Express radioshow. floor reaction will be definetly DA BOMB :) cheers
DJ Meri/Rulers of the Deep (NRK, Defected, Urbantorque)

"thanks for the promo, "Catch The Wave" is the one for me, nice deep hypnotic vibes on that one, will be playing and supporting."
Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque)

"great tune, congratulations"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Soulstice)

"Catch The Wave" - nice deep summery house, can definitely sense the balearic influences!"
"Her Digits" - again, nice deep grooves as usual. will be nice to bring this one in and out of the mix over other things"
Pete Morgan (Lost My Dog, Bosh)

"beautiful tracks! deep and groovin', love the keys! will put into rotation"
Samuel Lawrence (Mimosa Recordings, Ping Pong)

Additional Chart & Play support by:
Aftershock Radio (DJ Ferdinand)
Ibiza Sonica (Karlos Sense)
Ibiza Global Radio (Joan Ribas)
Proton Radio (DJ Inc)
Urbantorque Transmission Podcast (Leigh Morgan)
Radio Partygroove Italia (Mirko Paoloni)
Da Funk - Dig Dis E.P.

"thanks a lot for the promo. the original is the hottest version. very strong and deeeep. will chart today!!!"
C&M Productions (Purple Tracks, Forensic, Neat Music)

"definitely liking this release, in particular the tougher feel of the Discouraged One's mix and the subtle build up of the Original,both get a thumbs up from me"
Ross Couch (3 A.M. Recordings, Offset Music, Blaktrax)

"i 'm amazed by the amount and quality of productions you're doing lately.
My favourite mixes of Dig Dis are the Cloudsteppers but specially Monad's Pieces mix."
Bruno (Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

"deep & cool...massive tracks!! i love you!!
favourite: Cloudsteppers mix."
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Partygroove Italia)

"thanks for the music, i really like it. cloudsteppers mix will be fantastic for play it at café del mar after sunset ,very actual and elegants sounds, 
and the anothers mixes for my gigs in the ibiza clubs
Valentin Huedo (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

"I like first (original) version. It's cheerful, groovy and has some natural flow.
The other versions are good, but this one is sincerely bingo!"
DJ Dacha (Deeplink)

"Hola my friends!!
What a great music in this new ep.........
We always love to play and promote this music style
Congratulation for this amazing music..."
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Acryl kicks off another killer release before they are leaving their teenage years.
The original has to be my pick of the bunch: killer groove, KILLAH bassline - so catchy, pure positive energy - summer seems to be here finally.
also excellent (okay, I'm a bit biased) is Cloudsteppers' slightly more laid-back rework,
Van den Toorn's mix took some time for me to become friends with but I'd chose that for afterhours or "clubbier" occasions.
Either way, this is one you better have with you!
Jon Silva (Pesto, Conya, Raisani)

"The Discouraged Ones mix is the one for me, its cool, its funky, bit edgy - nice.
Thanks very much for sending it, keep em coming!"
Harold Heath (Urbantorque, Lost My Dog, Oblong)

"Dig Dis is a very strong release! Cheers Meri"
DJ Meri/Rulers Of The Deep (NRK , Defected, Big Love)

"Cloudsteppers mix is a nice blend of deep hooks and big, coming straight at you bass.
All the elements work well together. The whole track grooves as one, with a touch of early 80's classic funk thrown in.
It's my top pick on the Dig Dis E.P."
Kenny Knight (Coastline Recordings)
Da Funk - Devotion E.P.

"dope fuckin' ep! loving this as i enjoy most of the quality stuff u put out.
keep it up. word"
Jay Tripwire (Nordic Trax, Utensil, Nightshift)

"wow! i love this release. the original is just great! i love the deepness splashed with that big analog bass!
very dreamy, will get a lot of early night play. ace work!
you brought Jon Silva back for a couple remixes....good call! great re-work by this guy.
my favorite mix has got to be Edmund's „Devotion 4 The Funk“ mix. a fun, bouncy track....this will get lots of plays. 
another sweet release from Acryl in my book."
Michael Day (Inhale Music, All House Music)

"you've done it again Dany. Acryl 18 Devotion: wicked tune m8!!!"
DJ Ferdinand (Aftershock Radio, Hyde Studios)

"like the original version best, nice and deep which is always a good thing
in my book. well done!"
Ross Couch (Seamless, Freaked, Red Melon)

"thank you very much for the deep sound. it’s always a great pleasure to enjoy and play your music"
Domenico Carluccio (4 Records, Nite Grooves)

"Replika remix!!! absolute killer!!!
the best Acryl release i heard so far, thank you!
all the mixes are good and diverse but the Replika mix is the one that stands out 4 me."
Manuel Tur (Freerange, Smokestack) 

"Devotion is really good, really soulful. my favourite mixes are the "Original" and "Edmund 's Devotion 4 The Funk Mix"
Mustafa (Agave, Staff Productions)

"really good stuff here. my favourite track's the "Replika's Up To End Mix", really deep and "Jon Silva's White
Island Mix" perfect for clubs. good job guys !!!"
Bruno (Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

"really love the original & Replika mixes here! Great work!"
DJ Inc (Proton Radio, Soco Audio)
Da Funk - From The Vault E.P.

"i like the EP, thanks for sending it, it's very deep and dreamy, nice wind down kind of vibe too it."
Sean Dimitrie (Bombay, Reverberations, Transport)

"hey man...greetings from atlanta...
you're stuff is sounding excellent as per usual....!"
Chris Brann (Ananda Project, Wamdue Project)

"there’'s some really nice deep house here, pick of the bunch for me is "I Want U", nice tight beats, groovy, sexy house music.
nice one, keep it up!"
Harold Heath (Urbantorque, Detour, Freaked)

"I Want U" is the winner. I really like it, beautiful harmonies, alltogether it's well balanced. maybe it would have been a tick better without the clichée vocal but it also works as is."
Manuel Tur (Freerange, Smokestack, Agave)

"thanks for sending. i have checked all the tracks. For me the two stand outs are "I Want U" and "Casual Sub", nice early / late night gear."
Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque)

"yo dany, really enjoyed the last acryl ep, smooth as always mate..."
Jay West (Drop Music, Agave, Kolour)

"i got the tracks, thanks. my favourite are "Feel The Night" and "Sweet Kiss"
good job again !!!"
Bruno (Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

"HOLY SHITE!!! "Feel The Night" is being released?? love that song soooo much. so great, such emotion and great music. great job mate!"
Michael Day (Inhale Music, All House Music)
Da Funk - Confusion (Including Remixes)

"really digging this one (original), great job!"
Matthew Bandy (Seasons, Vista, Limestone)

"nice, well-rounded package here, although the Stax mix is the one for me...
played it last week at bar dynamite and got a nice response"
DJ Duane (Citydeep, Seasons, Alluv)

"sweet tunes and good uplifting feel to it but also with a deeper nice jazzy vibe. nice one!!"
Tom Christer/Addvibe (Disfunction, Thang)

"i really like the track with the C&M Productions mix being my favourite of the mixes.
definitly my kind of thing. Good work!"
Ross Couch (Seamless, Freaked, Offset)

"that's what i call a deepness bomb! lovely set of versions here while the original stays my most favourite. nothing can beat that bassline and the groove of that one is also something else.
if you wondered why Dany calls himself Da Funk, here's the answer :)
Will chart and feauture it on the PestoCast"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Conya)

"the tracks are great deep tunes! i like the original mix the best as it captures the essence of the tune to me. keep up the great work!"
Thomas White/Natural Rhythm (Seasons, Large, Amenti)

"really like the track and the different mixes"
Bruno (Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

"superb tracks! like'em all very much and will play them on my show"
Lars Behrenroth (DSOH XM Radio, Chez Music, Foreplay)

"as an old C&M fan, it's their mix who does it for me :) good stuff! very beautiful e.p."
Manuel Tur (So Sound, Agave, Smokestack)

"Ethereal groovin’ House is the name of the game for Daniel Kneubühler aka Da Funk. The original flows along smoothly, courtesy of lovely key arrangement, whilst Anthony Molina’s mix is a slightly hefty refit. C&M Productions stress the individual keyphonics on their revision, as sounds are submerged on the Stax Fucharistic Mix"
Jon Freer (Mosoul)

"love this release!. 'Confusion' brings a nice trippy feel to the table. on the original cut,
Da Funk lays out the formula for a proper deep house groove. I particularly like the vocal/guitar work. a nice smooth break with great pads. a very nice addition to Da Funk's Acryl catalogue"
Anthony Molina's take is as hot as the desert Anthony lives in. Nice warm bass and some great
key work give this cut a very nice, atmospheric feel. after the break, the groove drops in
nice and bumping...looking forward to play it this weekend!
the C&M remix is my fav cut off this release.nice refreshin take with the added percussion gives it a nice west coast feel. very dance floor friendly"
the Stax Fucharistic mix is a great mix that makes me feel like those mornings after a long night out. sweet keys and added percussion makes this track easy to listen to."
great Job! nice release"
Michael Day (Inhale Music, All House Music)

"loved the original mix the most, good quality house as per normal from this wicked
label called Acryl Music"
DJ Ferdinand (Aftershock Radio, Hyde Studios)
Da Funk - Sugarman E.P.

"Sugarman: pretty toolish Deep House approach which does not mean it's bad. Basslines are the strong points of Da Funk's work which gets pretty obvious with this track once more. Would play it in bars, on daytime open air occasions or something to start within the first hour. Very solid groover - me likey 5/6"

"El Verano: Da Funk on the jazzy road - the double bass bears a lot of jazz and funk and keeps pushing this lovely tune straight forward. Reminds me a bit of early St. Germain paired with very early Matthew Herbert of which I adore both. To put it short: I love it! 6/6"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Shayan)

"sounds good bro!"
Andy Compton (The Rurals, Peng, Large)

"thanks 4 the promo. i think both tunes are really good"
The Timewriter (Plastic City, Elektrolux, Driftwood)

"like the tracks you sent man...deeeep! My kind of shit...can i chart it?"
DJ Meri / Rulers Of The Deep (Stealth, Defected, Nrk)

"smooth stuff as always man, great tunes!"
Jay West (Lowdown, Agave, Lost My Dog)

"very good tracks! especially „sugarman“ swings me away"
C & M Productions (Deep Touch, Forensic, Neat Music)

"Thanks for sending me the promo. I enjoyed listening to them, nice work"
Kenny Knight (Coastline Recordings)

"I think "Sugarman" is extremely well done. A solid groove and very beautiful chords…
something for the summer"
Manuel Tur (Agave, So Sound, Smokestack)
Da Funk - Heat E.P.

"This is a great release for you, you must be stoked. It spans across the board.
"Get On Down" is a must have joint with super crisp drum programming and a synth pad that locks you into time.
"Heat" is just that: Heat :)"
Demarkus Lewis (Flat & Round, Vista, Nordic Trax, Bluem)

"I'm really diggin your style...deepness at it's finest! Keep up the good work!
Love from Argentina"
Jay West (Lowdown, Stupendous, Huron, Spleen)

"I like these! Will try to play 'em out... especially digging "Get On Down", but both are cool. Funky stuff."
Q-Burns Abstract Message (NRK, Astralwerks, Slip'N'Slide)

"Heat work well , nice reaction 4/5. "Get On Down" it's more in a soulful way , fresh keys and nice chords...what i like"
Vernon Bara (Vernon & Da Costa) (Foreplay, Polyphonics, Flat & Round, Uniform)

"Nice stuff. Feelin' both tunes"
John Larner (Nightshift, Afterschool, Aroma, Doubledown)

"Great tracks Dany, my favourite of yours so far. They've got a real good tech house vibe to them-deep yet funky. I especially dig the stabs & delay on "Heat", but "Get On Down" is my favourite - will play this a lot"
Pete Dafeet (Lost My Dog, Uniform, Bosh, Southside Shuffle)

"I like both of them. . . would say "Heat" is my pick of the two."
Joey Youngman (Fetish Records, Jackin' Trax, Blockhead, Freaked)

"Get On Down: Nice tight percussion, great synth and key work, as usual. the bassline is nice and warm, reminds me of an early night floor warmer or a track you may hear in a posh lounge whilst sipping a strong cocktail. The vocal hook makes the overall tone of "Get On Down" a sultry, swinging deep house track. Another solid release by Da Funk."
"Heat: My favorite Da Funk track. This is truly some swiss heat! I dont' even think they make chocolate in switzerland as smooth as this bassline. Analog goodness, nice shifty drums, and this bassline lay a foundation for a late night pleaser. Great breakdown about 2:13 seconds into it, nice sampler action with an energetic vocal sample that comes in and keeps the feel of the track where it belongs...on the dance floor. I could see this being a big track for the tech-heads that want to brush up with some deep house goodness."
Michael Day (Inhale Music, All House Music)
Da Funk - Everything Changes E.P.

"Enjoy the music, nice and deep"
Matthew Bandy (Seasons, Limestone, Blue Iguana Music)

"I Love "Everything Changes", really good deephouse music.
The kind of house music i love to listen to"
Pete Dafeet (Lost My Dog, Bosh, Southside Shuffle)

"Dig them for sure, I will put them into the rotation on ESF"
Zach DeVincent (Emotion SF Radio)